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Early Childhood Brain Development & Communication. Trauma.

Full 60 Min. lenght: Stereo. See Content below. www.myspace.com NeuroScience. Cognition. Trauma. Interpersonal Neurobiology. Daniel Siegel. Mindsight. NeuroScience. Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self. 00.00 Minute. Intro: Michael Jackson Childhood and Allan Schore. 03.00 Minute. Circle of Security. Bert Powell. Jude Cassidy. Why didn’t someone tell me? 05.30 Minute. Jill Stamm. Bright from the start. Attention. Bonding. Communication. 05.30 Minute: Allan Schore: Complex states of Consciousness.Trauma: Bryan Post. Bruce Perry. 09.30 Minute: Dr. David Walsh. Brain growth and third objects. Cognition and Toys. Ayse Kok 11.00 Minute. Jill Stamm. Toys, Stuff and Relationship. Eye Contact. Kohut: The Gleam in the Mothers Eye. 14.30 Minute. NeuroScience. David Walsh. Technology. Creativity. Cells Neurons that fire together wire together. Celldeath. 15.30 Minute. J. Stamm. Television kills Cognition. Film: Dr. Joe Dispenza. Neuro-Landscapes. Idendity. Mind Maps. 21.00 Minute. Allan Schore. Right Brain. Visuell. Nonverbal. No Context. Bowlby Attachment Theory. 22.45 Minute. Bill Post. Left Brain and Cognition. Wired for Success. Brain and buisness. Bill Gates & Co. 26.00 Minute. Neurons and Creativity. Brain Complexity. Brainstorm. Bill Post. 28.45 Minute. Neuro-Marketing. fMRI – Original live Brain Scans. Brands and Brain activation. 30.30 Minute. fMRI – Original live Brain Scans. Brain activation if you see „Hollywood Action. 32.45 Minute. David Brooks. Aspen

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