Mind Mapping for Kids
Mind mapping is a technique that helps children and adults to generate ideas one would never have imagined. Mind Map for Kids takes children out of the lateral thinking mode into one which spawns up in multiple directions. – in a fun way that unleashes the creativity within.

Mind Map for Kids

Triggering the genius within, Mind Map for Kids sparks creativity and makes learning an involved and fun exercise. The traditional methods of learning do not effectively harness the power of the left mode and right mode of the brain and Mind Map for Kids fills this gap.

Mind mapping teaches kids how to generate ideas around a central theme using the principle of association. Mind map starts with a key topic represented by an image as the starting point.

Kids are encouraged to think spatially and required to jot down each thought in the Mind Map diagram. Students using the Mind Map technique have greatly benefited, demonstrated by their progress in school grades.

There are several tools in the market to adopt Mind Mapping Techniques. One of the pioneers of Mind Mapping is Tony Buzan who is a globally reputed authority on this subject. Books from Tony Buzan, Videos and Software are several aids that can help children in gaining, by the use of Mind Map techniques.

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